Docan UV M10
Docan UV M10 Docan UV M10 Docan UV M10 Docan UV M10 Docan UV M10

DOCAN UV Flatbed Printer M10


The M10 is the biggest-sized UV printer in our economic range of M series flatbed digital machines. It is very suitable for small and mediım-sized start-up facilities. With its 205 x 320cm. available space it can produce picture quality printings thanks to state-of-art printheads.
Using the UV ink it can print excellent images on various rigid medias, such as glass, acrylic, wood, PVC foam board, KT board, MDF, aluminium, cellphone case, ceramic tiles, polycarbonate, plystyrene, etc.
Also, it offers various ways of printing the white color as well, and can print the three-layer spot colors which means it can print color-white-color at one time!
The printhead options are Konica Minolta 1024i 6-13pL and Ricoh Gen5 7pL. The printing colors are Lc Lm Y M C K , White and Varnish are optionals.

DOCAN UV Flatbed Printer M10





   4 color inks print on colored or white substrates perfectly. 
   Transparent and colored substrates are printed directly and at high quality.
 Highly bright and vibrant colors are displayed thanks to the white layer
 printed as the last layer under the image.
   4 color inks print on colored and transparent medias with white and varnished
 applications in vibrant, eye-catching and bright tones and last longer.
   Including Light Cyan and Light Magenta 6 color inks print excellent light tones
 and sleek gradations.
   7 color inks including White color print vivid jobs with high precision clear
 edges in various ways.
   The white and varnish can be printed with Lc, Lm, YMCK inks simultaneously
 to expose flashy and attractive images for distinctive applications by
 printing the varnish layer.









 White ink at the area of image                      


 White ink at the area of job          


 Colors and white ink individually            
 White ink and colors individually            

The white ink function enables possibilities for printing on transparent material for backlit applications or for printing white as a spot color.










High resolution and high-quality piezo electric printheads can achieve excellent production performance and vivid bright colors with variable dots technology.











Ink curing system operates with water-cooled Led UV lamps which has longer life time, more silent operation, do not make ozonic gas and emit less heat than traditional mercury

lamps. It enables user to print on wider media choices, printings on sensitive or non-sensitive materials and printings with varnish implementation as well as to save energy,

costs and time. Excluding the use of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) the UV curable ink is environmental friendly and has no bad smell. Drawer-type UV lamp cassette makes

easy to replace the lamps when needed.